Our Services

Trusted Advisor 

New & seasoned CEOs & Customer Success leaders benefit from engaging customer onboarding & enablement expert, Donna Weber on an ongoing basis

  • Achieve strategic business outcomes

  • Gain immediate value for you & your teams

  • Address pressing challenges & opportunities without disrupting your immediate business

  • Fine-tune processes & teams

  • Enhance your leadership skills

  • Gain perspective & get accountable 

  • Have a sounding board to work through ideas, gain insights, & make faster decisions

  • Receive valuable resources & templates 


We determine your current state by analyzing existing people, processes, & technology.

  • Explore existing Customer Success, customer onboarding & enablement approaches

  • Conduct gap anaysis

  • Uncover trends with customers, internal teams, & competitors

  • Map customer journeys


We partner to orchestrate a strategy & roadmap that works for your customers, products, & teams. 

  • Reveal findings from assessment & industry best practices

  • Present the Customer Success maturity model

  • Capture obstacles & opportunities

  • Define strategic initiatives to move the needle

  • Build roadmap

  • Determine success criteria & key metrics to measure the impact of the organization & offerings


We work alongside to support you & your team to implement the roadmap.

  • Construct scalable customer onboarding, enablement, education, & engagement programs

  • Deliver high, low, & tech touch approaches

  • Define current customer care & maturity

  • Map customer journeys & maturity models 

  • Build & deploy playbooks

  • Build premium Customer Success services & packages

  • Create go to market plans for services & products

  • Conduct vendor analysis, selection, & implementation to scale 

  • Provide advisory services