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We help high growth tech companies create customers for life. 

 Decrease customer time to first value and increase total lifetime value with the Orchestrated Onboarding Framework & scalable
customer enablement programs. 

Create Customers for Life

Our services

  • Customer Success Maturity Assessments

  • Customer Success Health Checks

  • Customer Journey Maps

  • Orchestrated Onboarding Journeys

  • Go to Market Plans

  • Customer Education Maturity Assessments

  • Customer Education Health Checks

  • Scalable Customer Enablement

  • Advisory Services

  • Speaking & Workshops


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Who we are

Springboard Solutions helps B2B software companies create customers for life. We build orchestrated onboarding journeys and scalable solutions to engage, enable, and educate your customers. 


We possess a finely tuned ability to listen carefully, understand the issues, and then provide strategic solutions that impact your bottom line, improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer health score, renewal rates, and increase net retention.


Springboard your customers to success, with Springboard Solutions.


Springboard Solutions is a proud member of Kickstart Alliance, a B2B leadership consulting service with Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success experts to accelerate your business success. 


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Our values


We listen first and then over communicate to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. What you see is what you get.

We make a difference, and volunteer regularly to  help those in need.


We love to keep learning and stretching ourselves, and we get out of our comfort zones with well thought out risks.


About Donna Weber, President

Donna Weber is passionate about engaging customers. 


Donna specializes in the post-sales customer success journey. With over 20 years' experience, she has a proven track record helping hi-tech firms create customers for life. Her clients range from start ups to well-established large companies, with a focus on the open source and SaaS arena. Colleagues know Donna as a leader who makes a difference.


Donna is also a principal with Kickstart Alliance, a  B2B leadership and operational consulting team, leading the Customer Success practice. 

When she’s not springboarding customers to success,
you might find her white water kayaking the rivers of
California and beyond.


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